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=======About the Game=======

Above the Clouds is a 3D PLATFORMER set in a strange world dominated by a sun worshiping religion. Suddenly and without warning mysterious pylons have appeared all over the world and are emitting thick clouds that obscure the holy light from view. 

Play as a pilot who has crash landed without any memory of who she is or where she comes from. Set out into the world collecting sun shards, explore new and exciting locations, and most importantly of all, destroying the pylons to bring back the sun! 

Who is responsible for these pylons?  what is your identity? discover the answers to these mystery's and many others as you dive into the world of Above The Clouds 

*The current build contains Levels 1 & 2 with more to follow soon!*

=======Development Team=======


-Liam Roberts

-Dafydd Jones

-Rolf Molland


-Renos Constantinou

-Farley Lapenna

-Isabel Sousa

-Joseph Evans

-Petros Tillyris

Original sounds by:

-Quillan Thomas

Other sounds from Freesound, Incompetech and Zapslat


AboveTheClouds.zip 319 MB

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